Preacher David's Corner



“The Baptist Association”

“A valuable partner in ministry.” Milton Hollifield Executive Director Treasurer of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina hit the nail on the head with these words. Our theme is “Moving into a new Future: Sowing and Reaping.” The association is created by the churches and is accountable through the church's messengers. The association is what the churches decide to make it. The churches decide what the association will become when they decide what percentage of their church budget will go to the associational missions. Churches shape the association by their expectations, by the significance they give to the role of their messengers and executive board members, Churches make the association a vital source for advancing God’s work. Without support from the local churches the association cannot function. There are seventy seven associations in North Carolina. We share a common faith and are active on missions. Every association differs from one another in size, geographical territory, population, culture, ethnic, and number of churches. We are unique and it is the uniqueness of that situation that an association has a very special responsibility to be on mission. We all have a God called work to do in our own area. We all can be a part of what’s happening in a specific way through involvement in the church you attend and the association. One of the most beautiful descriptions of a Baptist Association is a “family of Churches.” Families share the same common heritage. That doesn't mean that everyone in a family is just alike. Likewise a healthy association-family encourages an appreciation for the uniqueness of the churches that makes it up. In a healthy family , everyone cares for one another. Families do things together. There is a special joy in the Christian Life when family of churches express it’s spiritual kinship through its life and work together. Associations have a Director of Missions, Associational Missionary or a Missions Strategist or a David which I am called sometimes. I feel they play a vital role to impact lostness through Disciple Making. We also are a pastor to the pastor. We are someone folks can talk to about anything. We work with pastor, work with churches and strengthen relationships among churches. Together we make a difference in Ashe County, North Carolina , in the United States and around the world! From Administrative Assistants to leaders in the association from the churches we attend, all serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! Milton Hollifield says” If the church you attend isn’t connected or engaged with the local Baptist Association I would encourage you to get involved.” The popular statement that we as Southern Baptist hold true is that we can accomplish more together that we can apart.” I am thankful that we in Ashe County do work together on many projects to further the Kingdoms Work no matter what our denomination or size is. We believe Christ first and every thing else second! I am thankful for the Ashe Baptist Associations and all the other associations. We continue to work and not be depressed by the old devil and his crowd. Are we perfect? NO. But God forgives and we move forward. Still try to win folks to the Lord and strengthen Christians and Churches. Every church is important. I realize that if I do not visit the small church I must give up the right to visit the large church. We are apart of “THE CHURCH.” We are a family of churches no matter what size. We are seen through the eyes of God and that is all that matters in the long run. Keep working , don’t give up , better days ahead. Call the association and we will do our best to help. When I lay down at night and I pray myself to sleep. I am thankful I am His and He is mine! I pray it is true for you as well. 

                                                                                             Your Servant, David