Preacher David's Corner



“ Pre– 133rd Ashe Baptist Association Annual Meeting”

Our theme this year is “No Place Left” from Mathew 24:14.“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then the end shall come.” “NO PLACE LEFT.” This is a movement of movements. I too believe that there is “NO PLACE LEFT” that the gospel of Jesus Christ should not be shared. Even in Ashe County and beyond! I have a responsibility to share Jesus because of what Christ has done in my life and because I live in Ashe County. A new generation of people need to know Christ and his forgiveness. This year as we look forward to another church year, the annual meeting reminds us that time moves on. The 133rd Annual Meeting of the Ashe Baptist Association will be held on Friday, August 16 at 2:00 with the Welcome Home Baptist Church and on Saturday, August 17 beginning at 9:00 with the Big Flatts Baptist Church. All pastors, messengers and interested folks are urged to attend. Come learn about Southern Baptist work locally and abroad. Great preaching, singing, reports and eating together! The Revs, Lonnie Carpenter , Alan Ambrose, Billy Norris and Doug Halsey are scheduled to preach. Our music will be led by Mr. David Phillips and Mrs. Kathy Bowers. From our institutions, agencies and missions we have the following; NC Baptist Children's Home, Rev. Micah Lee, Southeastern Seminary, Rev. Chris Allen, NC Baptist Hospital and Faith Health NC Rev. Leland Kerr, NC Baptist Foundation Rev. Allen Schuyler, NC Baptist Men Mr. Paul Langston, NC Baptist Aging Ministry Mrs. Debra Kuykendall, Baptist Retirement Home of NC Mr. Keith Dixon, Office of Prayer Baptist State Convention of NC. Dr. Chris Schofield ,Special Report from Dr. Milton Hollifield, Jr. Executive Director– Treasurer of the Baptist State Convention of NC. From these folks we hear the latest of information from Southern Baptist locally and around the world. The report from Dr. Schofield will share about the Prayer Bus Ministry in NC and will include a video. We will be praying for Ashe County on Saturday, October 26 from 9:00 AM until 2:00PM and you are invited to come pray with us. Let me know if you can commit to this , we need 40 folks to fill the bus. If we fill the bus we will take church vans all over Ashe County that day and pray for our friends and neighbors! All that happens on Friday and on Saturday we will hear from our local representatives of the work here in Ashe Baptist Association. Seventeen folks are scheduled to share about the work they are involved in. From Vacation Bible School to Ashe Baptist Campground and all the rest, you will hear what is happening! All this with meals both days provided by the churches and special singing as well. We are scheduled to vote on Appalachian Church as a full member with all rights and privileges. Rev. Steve Ashley is the pastor. They have been under the watch care for a year. I am thankful we are an active association and not a passive one. We are a verb not a noun. Seeing souls saved, baptism in the river and creeks as well as in the churches makes me feel good and I know it does your heart good too! Disciple Making is so important and I am glad we are increasing active in the area of sharing what Christ has done for us so others can learn to share and keep Disciple Making alive and well for many years to come. Come be revived with us at the Annual Meeting. Come grow with us and be alive for the work of Christ, that impacting lostness though Disciple Making that it will be part of your life and thus fulfill the great commission and do the work that Christ has given all of us to do                                                          Your Servant, David